#US: Trump Assassination Attempt in Pennsylvania: Shooter and Supporter Dead

On July 13, 2024, an assassination attempt on former President Donald Trump shocked attendees at a rally in Butler, Pennsylvania. The incident unfolded rapidly, resulting in the death of both the shooter and a Trump supporter.According to initial reports, Trump was speaking at a rally when a gunman opened fire. The shooter, whose identity has […]


Kenya: Hundreds dead from heavy floods

Heavy downpours have caused deaths, displacements, deluges, and landslides in East African countries, namely Kenya, Tanzania, and Burundi.On Sunday, Kenyan officials reported that the death toll from heavy rains causing flooding and other widespread damage in the country had risen to 228.According to a statement from the Interior Ministry, the adverse weather conditions have displaced […]


2023:Rwanda earned $620 million through tourism -Report

According to the 2023 Rwanda Development Board’s (RDB) annual report, Rwanda’s tourism revenue increased by 36% from $445 million in 2022 to $620 million in 2023. With a 124 percent recovery rate from the COVID-19 pandemic’s obstacles, the industry has outperformed 2019 revenues, according to the growth of 1.4 million visitors. The report notes that […]


Rwanda: Tribert Rujugiro, Rwandese Multi-Millionaire entrepreneur, passes away

Tribert Rujugiro Ayabatwa, a well-known businessman and manufacturer from Rwanda, passed away at the age of 82. His death was originally announced on social media on Tuesday. Voice of America was among the media to report the story, citing family members. As of Wednesday morning, April 17, the cause of Rujugiro’s death remained undisclosed. South […]


#Rwanda: Kagame talks cousin’s brutal murder during the Genocide

President Kagame has revealed how the genocidaries ruthlessly killed his cousin before the RPA could seize control of Kigali, the country’s capital. As Rwanda commemorates the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi for 30 years, survivors are brought back to memory of the brutal and agonizing fight they endured over the course of 100 days, during […]