#Rwanda: Kagame talks cousin’s brutal murder during the Genocide

President Kagame has revealed how the genocidaries ruthlessly killed his cousin before the RPA could seize control of Kigali, the country’s capital. As Rwanda commemorates the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi for 30 years, survivors are brought back to memory of the brutal and agonizing fight they endured over the course of 100 days, during […]

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30 Years: What drove Rwanda to exemplary economic success?

Over the past three decades, Rwanda has undergone a remarkable economic transformation that has garnered attention globally. From the devastating genocide in 1994 against the Tutsi to becoming one of Africa’s success stories. Rwanda’s journey is a testament to strong leadership, strategic vision, determined efforts to rebuild and reform, and many other factors. Rwanda’s economic […]

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Rwanda: How did ‘Kigali’ become the cleanest city in Africa?

Kigali is a city in central Rwanda that is surrounded by lush hills and has gained international recognition for its sustainable urban development projects and cleanliness. Kigali, with its busy streets and lively neighborhoods, is a testament to the effectiveness of thoughtful design and community involvement. Let’s delve into the story behind Kigali’s transformation into […]

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Rwanda: Australian High Commission in Kenya envoy thrilled to visit Ikirenga ACP

Maureen Maina, the Project Manager at the Australian High Commission, Kenya, visited Ikirenga ACP’s Kigali Office to witness the progress of the Ikirenga Artistic Empowerment Hub Project. On Wednesday, March 20, the Ikirenga ACP’s Kigali Office hosted Maureen Maina, the project manager at the Australian High Commission, Kenya, representing the Australian High Commission in Kenya. […]

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Rwanda: Ikirenga delighted to host UNESCO’s national programme officer Judy Ogana

Tuesday, March 19, 2024, Ikirenga Arts and Culture Promotion (Ikirenga ACP), an organization dedicated to promoting arts and culture and fostering social inclusion and cultural exchange and appreciation, hosted Judy Ogana, the National Programme Officer – Culture at UNESCO, Regional Office for East Africa, during the implementation of the second phase of Ikirenga Artistic Freedom […]

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UNESCO and Ikirenga forge paths of Artistic Freedom in Rwanda

On March 20, 2024,  Judy Ogana, the National Programme Officer – Culture at UNESCO, Regional Office for East Africa, embarked on an inspiring journey into Rwanda’s burgeoning arts scene during her recent visit to Ikirenga Arts and Culture Promotion (ACP) offices in Kigali. The visit, part of the collaborative Ikirenga Artistic Freedom Initiative with UNESCO, […]


Rwanda: Kagame will run for president in 2024 on the RPF

The RPF-Inkotanyi has chosen President Paul Kagame to represent the party in the 2024 presidential contest.On Saturday, March 9, more than two thousand party cadres gathered at the RPF-Inkotanyi headquarters in Rusororo, Kigali, for an emergency congress aimed at selecting the party’s candidates for the July presidential and legislative elections.Kagame, 66, has been the president […]


US:Kagame urged the Rwandan diaspora to strive for a better Rwanda 

On February 3, President Paul Kagame urged Rwandans living abroad to maintain ties to their homeland and make decisions that will advance Rwanda to its rightful position. He said this at the 11th Rwanda Day event, which was held in Washington, D.C. with the theme “Rwanda: A Legacy of Inclusiveness within and beyond Our Borders.”At […]

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Rwanda: Ikirenga ACP, alongside UNESCO, launched the Ikirenga Artistic Freedom Initiative

UNESCO-sponsored research on Rwandan art and culture was published on Saturday, January 27, 2024, by Ikirenga ACP. Ikirenga Arts and Culture Promotion revealed that they have been collecting data on Rwandan art for over three years, with a particular emphasis on issues that jeopardize both culture and the arts. This study, supported by UNESCO through […]