#Kwibuka30: ‘You are not alone’ Chris Model stands with survivors

Chris Model, one of the new leading male models in Kigali, stands with survivors of the genocide against the Tutsi which took place in 1994.

Amidst the poignant reflections of the 30th commemoration of the Genocide against the Tutsi, Chris Model, one of Rwanda’s most celebrated male models, found himself drawn to a new calling beyond the runway.

Known for his striking features and graceful presence, Chris believed in the healing power of art, a belief that took on profound significance during this solemn anniversary.

As the nation prepared to remember the darkest chapter in its history, Chris spoke passionately about the role of art in soothing wounds and preserving memory. “7th April, the day that marks the beginning of 100 days the whole world remembers the Genocide against the Tutsi in Rwanda,” he remarked in an interview with INTO RWANDA, his voice reflecting both determination and empathy.

“It’s been 30 years now. I stand with survivors who live in torment of their missing loved ones. We condemn revisionism and honor memories of victims and survivors of the Genocide against the Tutsi by standing up for truth and justice.”

Chris’s perspective transcended the catwalk. He believed in unity and the strength of collective effort. “I don’t care who you are; what I care about is that we are Rwandans. We are one; we can make the best teamwork to build our Rwanda,” he emphasized, underscoring the importance of national solidarity.

Christopher Ishimwe known as Chris Model believes change can be brought upon by anyone regardless of the domain “I don’t care the domain you’re in; your product, your art can comfort Rwanda in times like these. Our goal as Rwandans is to make sure that genocide can’t happen again by giving a hand to those who need to be in the light. Never Again Genocide in Rwanda. Remember – Unite – Renew.”

Through his words and actions, Chris Model who works from Rwanda Models Academy, embodied the spirit of Rwanda—a nation that vowed to remember, unite, and renew, ensuring that the echoes of its painful past would never be forgotten.

Chris Model, one of the renown male models in Rwanda, stands with survivors of the genocide against the Tutsi. [Courtesy]
Chris thinks that in order to start a change, young people must be first. [Courtesy]
‘The courage comes from within’ Chris emphasize. [Courtesy]

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