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#Rwanda earned $241M in Mineral Exports

Rwanda’s mineral exports generated $241,823,194 in revenue in the third quarter (from July to September), according to the Rwanda Mines, Petroleum and Gas Board (RMB) on Tuesday, November 7.

Cassiterite was one of the major contributors, generating 294,717 kilogrammes worth $5,367,704 in July, 415,482 kilogrammes worth $6,906,567 in August, and 440,176 kilogrammes worth $6,783,099 in September, according to the mining board.

In July, gold created 1,155 kilos worth $73,181,036; in August, 1,000 kilograms worth $62,156,101; and in September, 845 kilogrammes for $52,676,671.

Coltan, another standout performer, produced 189,183 kilos for $8,145,587 in July, 141,658 kilograms worth $5,827,562 in August, and 208,155 kilograms worth $9,313,654 in September.

Wolfram produced 237,116 kilograms valued at $3,040,783 in July, 198,409 kilograms valued at $2,663,971 in August, and 218,802 kilograms valued at $2,711,206 in September.

Other minerals contributed 1,210,458 kilograms worth $1,085,647 in July, 1,219,670 kilograms worth $1,249,889 in August, and 739,711 kilograms worth $713,714 in September, according to RMB.

From July to September 2023, the amount of minerals shipped in kilogrammes was 5,516,538 and the value was $241,823,194, marking a 22.4 percent increase over the same time last year.

It is to be noted that during the same time period last year, metals produced 4,321,566 kg worth $197,496,029.

Rwanda registered over $241M in Mineral exports [Courtesy]

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